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What is Turkish Coffee?

Turkish coffee is the way in which coffee was traditionally served in many Arab countries, such as Turkey.

Turkish coffee is not filtered, unlike many coffees served through modern brewing methods, which means a fine layer of sediment usually appears at the bottom of each serving. It is a strong coffee, similar to an espresso, and so it is typically served in smaller glasses.

How is Turkish Coffee Brewed?

Turkish coffee is brewed using a cezve, or an ibrik (the Western term). A cezve is an hourglass-shaped container with a handle attached.

First, water is poured into the cezve and then the cezve is put on a boil. The water is poured to the neck of the pot. The grounds of the coffee are added to the water when the water is warm. Turkish coffee is known for using a very fine grind, finer than that of an espresso drink. This means that Turkish coffee brews relatively quickly as the coffee has more surface area in contact with the water.

The pot of coffee is heated up until a foam appears in the coffee. Then, the coffee is removed from the heat. The coffee is left for a few moments and is then placed on the heat again a few times. The number of times the coffee is taken off the heat varies by the person who is brewing the coffee. Once the coffee has been taken of the heat a few times, the coffee is ready for serving. It is poured into a small cup.

Due to it being unfiltered it has a higher concentration of caffeine…and other beneficial compounds that may provide serval health benefits...


We are OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK, and an independently family run cafe in Bath, with Turkish family roots.

Join us and try our traditional Turkish coffee, made and served authentically, giving you a traditional experience.

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