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Truly Great Coffee

"Lulu Caffe", a very captivating name with a beautiful distinctive meaning. Lulu means a pearl in Arabic, which indeed is reflected through the precious coffee beans that look like refined pearls poured in a cup.

Blending the city's passion for speciality coffee with Levant caffeine culture and traditional Levant pot coffee, commonly known as "Turkish Coffee", alongside Espresso and AeroPress is what provides Lulu Caffe with an authentic distinctive taste of home.

Coming from a culture that has a long coffee history, Mohammad succeeded in launching Lulu's Caffe in 2016 and differentiating it by reflecting the original roots of Levant culture in coffee specialities through the aroma, texture and taste of authentic coffee initiating since the early ages.

Expand your coffee horizons by getting exposed to the initial creation of primary coffee making.


Our Speciality Coffee 

We are passionate about coffee and only use the best quality single origin Arabica beans.


Clifton Coffee Roasters supply our speciality coffee which we use to create our espresso-based and filter coffees. 


Our house coffee is dark and rich with tasting notes of prunes, bakers chocolate and treacle. Our guest coffee contrasts this and is lighter with sweet tasting notes of jasmine, peach, and bergamot. Our decaf coffee is equally as tasty and has notes of citrus acidity, sweet toffee, and cashew nuts.


Our house filter coffee has tasting notes of Lotus biscuits, maple syrup and pecan. The guest filter coffee has notes of pomegranate molasses, raspberry, and gooseberry.


We also make traditional Turkish Coffee with cardamom. Served with homemade Turkish delight and dates.






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